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Starting Out

Back in July ’09 I discovered I had Type 2. It was really a shock when I got the diagnosis. I only went to the doctor for a check up and felt very well.

I’d only recently returned from over 2 months away overseas and I had de-stressed from work, I’d done a lot of walking when travelling and eating well, regular meals and good sleep. I was at a conference when I rang the doctor and she told me over the phone I had type 2 diabetes. I was about to introduce the speakers when I got that news…… that shook my confidence. Anyway I went back to the doctor and sat down with her and listened as she put a plan together. “You have to lose weight, eat differently and less“. This was going to be a challenge, less food, lots of salad and veges, regular meals, exercise and more. Anyway she lined me up with dietitian and diabetes educator to learn how to manage this condition I’d acquired.

I had to modify my diet, lose 17 kg and start exercising. I did the first two in the first 6 months but the exercise was harder. I just couldn’t get the time to fit with my work etc. I was doing a little but not enough. Then on Boxing Day 2009 I bought a bike. I loved it straight up, it got my blood going and I enjoy riding even though I’m just starting out. So this blog is about that journey and experience, the rides I’m doing, my health and progress.

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